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King of the Block Ribs

Everyone loves a good rib. Or there's a good chance if you don't like ribs, it's because you haven't had good ribs. I have this amazing, delicious, and foolproof method to making great ribs every time. All you need is a few ingredients, a little time and you'll be known on your block for how good your ribs are.

First let's get to the basics. You need to know what your grill or smoker is capable of. I have a full post going over grills and how to use those grills as well as charcoals / pellets and how to use them effectively. It might be in your best interest to start with that post to get your feet wet.

So diving into the ribs. There are several different types of ribs to get but the basics are spare, st louis and baby backs. The spare is going to be the flat cut with no real alterations made. The st louis are ribs that have been trimmed up of the extra cartilage and sternum that can be with the spare and the baby backs come from the belly section of the ribs and are a lot meatier in most cases.

Knowing what kind of ribs you have can really help determine how long they cook. Something more flat like a spare or st louis can be ready pretty quickly and the thicker, meatier baby backs can take a bit longer. Also, there are multiple things to keep in mind like cook temp, direct or indirect heat, even the way you put the ribs on the grill makes a difference. If you have a st louis cut rack and lay it stretched out and flat, it'll cook pretty quickly. If you bunch them up to make each bite pretty meaty, count on some extra cook time.

I have a video I'll share below that will show my ultimate process for how to have the most delicious ribs every single time.

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