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Competition Worthy Steak

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

I've had a lot of people write me and ask how I make such beautiful steaks. Well it's easy. Start with the right equipment and let it work for you. Here's my list:

Grill: Hasty Bake Ranger

Charcoal: B and B Lump with post oak chunks

Sear: Grillgrate for the HB Ranger

Seasoning: Homemade or B and B rubs (link above)

Check out my steak recipe video below for an exact step by step how to!

What I've found through my research is you want to make sure your grill is good and hot (around 600-650 degrees surface temp on the grill grate. If you're asking, yes, the grill grates are pretty important). The HB Ranger is perfect for me because it takes one chimney of B and B and about 30-40 minutes to be grill ready. I light a whole chimney of charcoal, let it sit until its glowing red and grey then dump it into my grill. I have the heat setting not at the highest sear selection but a few inches under it. I want some intense heat but not hot enough to just burn it initially. In my video I cover some tips to prepping the steak competition so if you want it to look as good as possible give that a view.

One big tip is to season the steak well. A lot of people are scared to season but I would much rather have a steak that is more on the salty side than one that has no flavor. Before you put your steak on the grill you want to let the steak sit a bit, around 30 mins with the seasoning on to make sure it adheres well. This will give you a nice crust. Some people like to flavor stack, which is to put on one rub and let it sit around thirty minutes then use another rub to give it a nice dusting before it hits the grill.

Once your grill and grill grates are good and hot, I spray my grill down with a non stick spray. It could be any generic spray you use on pans at home but lately I've been using duck fat spray and that stuff is life changing.

Now you're ready. Lay your steak at a 45 degree angle on the sprayed grill grates, lower the lid and set the timer for 1 minute and 35 seconds. Of course this could really vary depending on how thick your steak is, what kind it is and how you like it done but for a ribeye that's around 1- 1 1/2 in thick, this should get you around medium. Feel free to adjust the time for thickness or doneness that you prefer. After the timer goes off, rotate your steak another 45 degrees to get some great cross marks. Hit your timer for another 1:35. After that 1:35, flip your steak over at a 45 degree angle and do the same process. After the steak has been turned 4 times you should be good to go. Check your internal temp for around 127-130 (keep in mind you'll have around 5-10 degrees carry over heat) and to me, that's a perfect steak!

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