Sure, you could spend all the time and money you want going through all the different brands and figuring out for yourself what's good to use but why not let me do the work for you? Below is some of the best you can buy and the good news is, it won't break the  the bank. There are some amazing products out there but these are my all time favorites. I don't receive any financial compensation from these companies, they're just that good.


When you've done food as long as I have, you know exactly what I mean when I say it means the world to have someone who not only understands the work you put in but appreciates your potential as well. Hasty Bake came to me with this passion and really drove the whole "Backyard BBQ School" idea. They felt I wasn't really tapping what I could do so we talked and made this happen. They've been incredible to work with and they make some high quality product. I can't wait to see what you all think when you get one because you'll definitely want one. These grills are out winning competitions right now so bring the competition level food home today.

There's nothing better than a superior quality product and that's exactly what you get with Dalstrong. They're hands down the most affordable, high quality knives I've ever seen or used. As if that wasn't enough, they have the most amazing customer support. You'll feel like family. If you want to elevate your game, you better have some good knives. It's a game changer. 


These guys already have an incredible reputation. You don't need to hear it from me but you're going to anyway. John Boos and Co makes the best blocks I've ever seen. They've been with me since my Food Network days and they're an incredible company to work with. They have a wide variety of woods and sizes to choose from, they'll even do your countertops! 

If you're a light the bag kind of person and that's the extent you know about charcoal you're about to have your world rocked. B and B is different because, well, it's better. They use green wood instead of dry wood to make their charcoal so it's more dense. That means it burns longer and hotter so a little goes a long way. I've smoked brisket with B and B using only one chimney load, for 8 hours, holding steady at 225, IN A SLEET STORM. If you want to make some serious food, you better have some serious fuel.

b and b.png

You don't know cold until you meet the Siberian Cooler. These guys have super thick walls and will hold ice way longer than you'll ever need it. They come in all sizes, even the soft pouch as well which is super handy for everyday things like trips to the zoo, keeping your groceries cold, out on the lake or in the field.